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For a quick summary of the main features of Pace DC look at the Bank Pace DC factsheet, or for more information on how your contributions are paid (NICE Pensions) or paying Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) look at the others below.

Investment factsheets
Online tools
Legal & General administers and invests yours and the Bank’s contributions in Pace DC, on behalf of the Trustees. More information, including a Retirement Planner to help you see what you could get at retirement is available in the Docs & Tools section of the L&G pensions website:
DC governance

In November 2013, the Pensions Regulator published its Code of Practice no. 13 and related regulatory guidance for defined contribution (DC) pension schemes. The Code of Practice introduced new principles and features that it expects to be present in all well-governed DC occupational pension schemes. In response, the Trustee has produced this statement to demonstrate Pace DC’s level of adherence to these new quality standards.

Updates for members

Every year we produce an update for Pace DC members that highlights some of the important things you need to think about as a Pace DC member. If you have any problems viewing the interactive version you can also download it as a regular PDF.

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