I'm in Pace DB (formerly Pace Complete) 

This website is for the Co-operative Bank Section of Pace. The Trustees wrote to all members of Pace in May 2018 to let them know which section of Pace they were a member of. Members of the Co-op Section of Pace should visit: coop.co.uk/pensions for more information on their benefits. If you’re unsure which section of Pace you are a member of, please contact the Pensions Department on 0330 606 1000 or email staffpensions@coop.co.uk

Pace DB was set up in April 2006, when three pension schemes merged: CIS Employees’ Pension Scheme, The Co-operative Bank Pension Scheme and Co-operative Group (CWS) Limited Pension Scheme.

Pace DB closed in 2015. This means no-one has built up any more pension in Pace DB since then. However, any pension you’d already built up to that point will still receive annual increases to protect it against increases in the cost of living.

Before becoming a member of Pace, you may have been a member of the Britannia Pension Scheme. In 2011, the Co-operative Group Limited consulted with employees about a proposal to close nine pension schemes including the Britannia Pension Scheme. Members of the Britannia Pension Scheme were invited to join Pace in October 2012.

Isio looks after the Britannia Pension Scheme on behalf of its Trustees. If you have a question, please contact: secretarybps@isio.com