Co-op Bank Pension Portal

Changes to Pace DC investments

We’ve made changes to the funds offered to members. We’ve introduced a new fund to the “default” option that applies if you haven’t made an investment choice yourself, and made changes to the self-select fund range. New joiners to Pace DC started to move into the fund from December 2020, and existing members’ funds switched in February 2021. Click on the ‘read more’ button for more information.

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Member Online

Since April 2020, the majority of Pace pensioners have been able to access their pension information online, keep their own details up to date and view, print and save P60s and payslips. Over 1,000 Pace pensioners have signed up so far! Click on the register button to sign up!


Coronavirus Update

Understandably some members may have concerns about Coronavirus, and whether this may have an impact on the work done by the Co-op Pensions Department.

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Equalising Pensions - High Court Judgements

Find out more about the High Court Judgements.

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I'm not in Pace

Everyone who works for the Co-operative Bank can join Pace DC. If you’re not paying into Pace DC but you’d like to, you can find out how to join and where to get more information.


I'm in Pace DC

Pace DC is the pension scheme for Bank colleagues. This is the scheme you are in if you have been automatically enrolled.


I have benefits in Pace DC and Pace DB

If you paid into a pension with the Co-op or the Bank before 2015, you might have a pension in the closed defined benefit section, Pace DB. Members who were contributing to Pace DB in 2015, when Pace DB closed, automatically joined Pace DC from that time.


I’m in Pace DB (formerly Pace Complete)

Pace DB is a defined benefit scheme which opened in 2006 and closed in 2015. It no longer has any contributing members – only pensioners and people who’ve left but kept their pension in Pace until they’re ready to take it.


I'm thinking about retirement

Whether you’re about to retire shortly – or just thinking about your options – this area of the website has lots of information to help.


I'm a pensioner or I've left

This section is for people who are already getting a Pace pension or who are waiting to take their Pace pension but they’re no longer paying contributions.